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Are you looking for tailored digital marketing services and a marketing partner who focuses on results and performance?

Our ideal client is an engaged business owner and is serious about  getting measureable returns for their digital marketing investment,  while collaborating with our committed team to grow results.

Apply now to get a complimentary blueprint for your marketing recipe and a 30 minute consulting session.
We Get Results With A Marketing Recipe Tailored To Your Goals
Our Services
We manage all your digital marketing, driving measurable new sales each month. We provide month-to-month services without contracts motivating us to get consistent returns for your investment.

This is a 8-week coaching and training program for your business. We’ll work one-on-one with you and your team helping leverage our strategies from beginning to end, until you see a real financial lift in your sales. Its very effective, it works.
Lead Generation is the most important aspect of your business, if you don’t have leads you don’t have a business.  We use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn paid traffic to generate leads on demand.
Get this wrong and you're doomed. We help you define your audience, your message, your angle, your product, your pricing etc so that you can go in and dominate your market.…
Without a consistent, actionable content strategy your digital marketing plan might never leave the runway after launch.  We create posts, video, graphics, images, professional blogs, copywriting - any content you need, on retainer or ad-hoc.  Call us today to discuss your custom content.
Having the assurance of a digital marketing expert on speed-dial can give you the confidence to expand your products, business and markets in new directions. 
Contact us for a custom monthly retainer or ad-hoc consulting to suit your needs.
Trusted Partners
We are specialists in our field and have curated relationships with some of the best digital marketers to help our clients achieve similar excellence in all their digital marketing.  Let us project manage and co-ordinate or happily refer you to one of our trusted marketing friends.
Personal Branding
We provide a fully catered personal branding service using LinkedIn, article creation, profile optimization and automation to grow your authority, influence.  Get leads contacting you without sending annoying InMails!
Email Marketing
Email marketing still provide the best ROI of any marketing platform.  Combining an effective email marketing strategy into your digital marketing plan will enhance this business asset and provide free marketing when done right.
SEO is about more than your Google PageRank and now includes all social media content and marketing channels. Can leads and customers find you on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook?  We know how.
Sales & Lead Funnels
We create amazing sales funnels and lead generation funnels, integrating diverse and often complex technologies in to seamless visitor experiences for your brand.  We work with you to continually optimise results and ROI.
Product Launches
Announcing your new business, product or service to the world?  We are  experienced in all aspects of  ensuring your message gets to right audiences while creating the marketing "buzz" you're after.  Contact us to get started.  
Our partners in Virginia, USA have a large team and build amazing websites.  We work with you every step of the way until successful completion.  Our project management experience ensures that nothing is left to chance.   Rest easy knowing your site will be delivered as promised and on time.
10 Reasons Our Clients Love Us
  • Results & ROI: From the start, our primary focus is on getting more leads, more customers and more revenue for your investment.
  •  Your Trusted Advisors:  Our priority is understanding your business and goals to give you meaningful marketing advice and measurable returns.
  •  Transparency:  We  work best with business owners that demand transparency and give it in return.  We give you straight talk and no beating around the bush.
  • Exclusivity: Once you hire us we will not work with your direct competitors making us your social media marketing secret weapon.
  •  Proven Strategies:  We only use  field-tested digital marketing strategies and we know what works for your business and industry.  Our results prove it.
  •  Measure Twice:   Using available analytical data helps you get the best returns and aim your marketing dollars at the right targets.
  •  Easy To Engage:  We don't tie you down to long term contracts so that we continually prove ourselves through our results. 
  •  Stay Ahead of Your Competition:  Social media marketing channels are always evolving.  We ensure you stay ahead of the latest trends without wasting on unnecessary technologies. 
  •  Predictable Fees:  Our services and all technology charges are included in our monthly retainers making budgeting a breeze.  Simply pay your advertising charges separately.
  •  Real World Results:   Our clients experience next-level results in leads, customers, and engagement, driving revenues higher.
Imagine hiring your own marketing secret weapon...

Get a whole team of marketing professionals for less than the cost of a single employee.  Hire us today. 

Limited spaces available each month.
"They are quick to respond and do an amazing job!"
About Us
Hannah's social media expertise sky-rocketed after emigrating to Ottawa, ON, Canada in 2013 to join her husband after they met on the Internet. In her first year she created an active lifestyle channel centred around healthy living. At it's peak "Another Healthy Day" had over 1,000 subscribers in a niche market on YouTube.  Her Instagram continues to grow. She then began to advise friends and family on social media business strategies. 

In December 2016 she found our first client and Socially Delicious was born.  Today she manages our client fulfillment team with members in North America and the Philippines, playing a key role in our client's success. 

Hannah has a degree in Human Services and studied SEO online at UC Davis.  She is originally from Greenville, SC and misses the mild winters 😊
After a successful career in corporate IT and security consulting, Mikel is following his passion for online marketing, co-founding Socially Delicious Media with his life- and business partner Hannah Ray in January 2017.  Mikel has previously created several successful online businesses in domain name trading, article syndication, PPC marketing, affiliate marketing and sales funnels. 

He combines his digital business experience, consulting background and data analysis skill set, continually improving our clients results.  Mikel leads our business development efforts and directs quality control for our teams work product, driving consistency and results. 

Originally from South Africa he immigrated to Canada in 1999.  He loves good coffee, investing and hanging out with his family and their chihuahua Jack.
About Socially Delicious
Socially Delicious Media™ is a family-owned and operated inbound digital marketing agency based out of Ottawa, ON, Canada with a virtual team spread across North America.  We serve clients in USA/Canada and are open to relationships in other English-speaking countries. 

We stand out by delivering consistent, measurable returns for your digital marketing investment.  Our clients value our service quality, attention to detail and transparency.  

While we are open to any new relationship we prefer working with engaged business owners and leadership, providing you with a proven marketing team for less than the price of a single employee and a track record of results.  

We never quit striving  for results, ensuring  you retain us forever, or at least a very very long time. :)
About Socially Delicious
Socially Delicious Testimonials
What people are saying about us
Working with the team at Socially Delicious has been a great experience so far. Their knowledge and dedication to their field has provided me with confidence that I made the right choice in selecting them for my product launch. 

They keep me updated on key metrics and provide valuable suggestions for marketing campaigns, results have been very good, very fast.

Nancy H., CEO & Founder
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Since the first contact Mikel and Hannah have been the soul of courtesy enthusiasm and full of information. 

I strongly recommend them for marketing for their professionalism, enthusiasm and outgoing personality. 

But I think most importantly they are a full disclosure team if you have any question they provide the answer without hesitation.

With their help [in the last 6 months] we managed to maintain our close to 30% growth for the past year which is hard for any restaurant to do in the current market state in our area. 

This is awesome and is unexpected. 

 We have also increased our online presence by close to 320% and that is just through Facebook. 

Stephane C., Restaurant Owner,
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I would recommend Socially Delicious Media to others because I believe that their expert guidance can provide real results.  I have found Mikel and Hannah to be very knowledgeable, thoughtful and highly responsive. 

Brad H., Mortgage Advisor,
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Amazing! The Socially Delicious team are professional and courteous. They respond within minutes and are very accommodating. 

Working with them is a breeze and they will get the job done beyond your expectations. 

 I would recommend Socially Delicious Media because they are quick to respond and do an amazing job!

Deanna S., Founder & CEO,
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I just want to say how much of a joy it is to work with the team at Socially Delicious. They are very professional and they know their stuff. They have been a great help to my team by getting us results that we can count on. 

Thanks Hannah & Socially Delicious!

Greg R., Owner
Greenville,  SC, USA
I have worked with Mikel and Hannah for a few months as they handle the social media for a couple of my businesses.

The thing for me that stuck out was how personal and 'normal' they were.  I wasn't being 'sold' on a service or being told things in a language that I could not understand.  They have taken 'extra' work of my hands so I can focus on other matters. 

Since they have taken over my social media, I have seen a huge improvement with awareness as well as sales. 

I had tried different kinds of advertising before but their expertise by far has trumped anything I have done.  Not only will your business grow, your understanding of your audience will too.
Thanks Mikel and Hannah for all your work!

Ashley M., Entrepreneur, Author, Athlete
Ottawa, ON, Canada
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"I have seen a huge improvement with awareness as well as sales."
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Our Digital Marketing agency bridges the gap for businesses that don’t have the people, resources, time or expertise to get a measurable return on  their digital marketing investment.

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” - Swami Sivananda
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